NSX Announcements at VMworld 2017

Over the next few days VMware will have some major announcements around NSX. We will see updates to NSX-T, VMworld Cloud on AWS, VMware Cloud Services Secure Networking and a major update to Network Insight.

Along with this VMware are announcing AppDefence which was previously known as Project Goldilocks.

The speed in which VMware is releasing NSX updates and expanding the ecosystem both across VMware and with it’s partners has increased massively over the last year and these announcements show that VMware is positioning NSX as a major product for VMware to integrate with both on-premises and cloud platforms.

NSX-T 2.0 will see support added for cross-cloud/multi-cloud and increased integration with OpenStack and Kubernetes. NSX-T will be the technology that helps VMware deliver on their Any Device, Any App, Any Cloud message.

VMware Cloud on AWS brings some seriously cool use cases for integrating AWS & On-premises environments, allowing bare metal deployment of VMware  SDDC on AWS to extend a customer’s existing environment so they can use the same tools and people to manage both the on-premises and cloud based workloads.

VMware Cloud on AWS will launch in the US initially with support for US West first before expanding to other regions and countries.


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