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This week saw the launch of Cloud Insiders, a podcast that brings the cloud down to earth. Backed by leading cloud and virtualisation solution provider Xtravirt, Cloud Insiders will explore the IT transformation issues facing today’s organisations, and the technology solutions that have been developed to help them.

As an independent partner engaged in IT transformation projects, Xtravirt saw the need for a forum to provide high level discussion and insights available via a podcast to those who make decisions around technology and need to learn quickly.

Cloud Insiders will provide thought-provoking insights into trends facing the cloud computing and virtualisation arena, as observed by industry experts.

The first episode of the podcast went live on 11 May and features guest speaker Peter Grant (Xtravirt CTO) answering ‘Cloud: Does it hold water?’ This inaugural episode covers the business drivers leading to cloud computing, caveats to avoid and trends Peter is seeing in the adoption of cloud into global IT.

I’ll be featuring on the second episode “I’m too NSXY for my shirt” along with Xtravirt’s Technical Presales Consulant, Andy Hind. We will be discussing NSX and how it effects the future of everything and what we predict will happen with SDN.

In addition to Peter, Andy & myself, a number of guests are already lined up to contribute to future episodes which will be released over the coming weeks.

Cloud Insiders brings an exciting concept to the IT community: a platform for users, vendors and industry experts to debate and explore the issues and technologies that are shaping the way we deliver IT.

The podcast is being made available through iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play.

Show notes and free resources will also be available at

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