VMware Intergrated OpenStack 4.0 Announced

VMware announced the latest version of VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) 4.0.

VIO is VMware’s supported OpenStack distrubution and 4.0 is based upon Ocata.

New features in this release include:

– Containers support – Out of the box container support for the Kubernetes APIs allows developers to deploy containers using a common API but also provides enterprise features such as High Availability (HA), persistent volumes etc.

– Integration with vRealize Automation – Support for OpenStack components in Blueprints and integration into the vRA UI.

– Multi vCenter support – enabling VIO to scale beyond the limits of a single vCenter and provide separate failure domains.

– Better performance and scale and support for live resizing of VMs without having to shutdown the container.

For more information see VMware’s post here:


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