Moving fowards…..


Over the past couple of months I’ve been working for VMware Northern EMEA PSO via a partner on a project based out in Amsterdam. It’s been a great experience and I’ve really enjoyed the work. Unfortunately the project was stood down which meant the role was quite short lived. I met some great people out there and I’ve learnt a lot. One thing it has shown me is that I’m actually a lot closer to submitting a design for VCDX that I thought and it’s really pushed me to get going.

Since I finished in Amsterdam I’ve been looking at how I want to take my career forwards and how I can work towards the goal of achieving my VCDX. I’ve been working as an Technical Architect for a number of years but only recently in a role that was dedicated to VMware, which has meant I’ve built up a good knowledge across a number of technologies including VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. I wanted an opportunity where I could focus on VMware technologies but also not waste my experience in other areas. I’ve had a couple of conversations of the last couple of weeks with the guys at Xtravirt and I’ve been really impressed with their passion, knowledge and how they work. I’ve known a few Xtravirt employees though VMUGs, Twitter etc. and they have always had an excellent reputation as a company both inside and outside of VMware.

After meeting their CFO & Practise Manager and conversations with their CTO, I’ve accepted an offer for the role of Senior Consultant and will be joining this week. I’m hugely excited about the opportunity and can’t wait to get started. It’s going to be a great challenge and is just what I need to push myself forwards and towards the goal of achieving my VCDX and continue to develop my career.

I’m going to use this blog going forwards as a resource for others and will post as much as I can about the technologies I’ll be using, the challenges I face and my progress towards the VCDX.

I’d like to say thanks to Mike Jones and Gregg Robertson who have been great and huge help and support over the last couple of weeks as I’ve gone through this process.


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