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Earlier tonight I noticed a tweet from Zach Milleson (twitter) who asked if there was a #slack channel for vRO or vRA which got me thinking. We’ve just started to use #slack internally at Xtravirt and it’s had a great uptake and has increased the amount of collaboration within the professional services teams as well as given other teams opportunity to get help with issues when needed.

Having seen the impact #slack can have and with Zach’s tweet in mind, I’ve set up a #slack team for vExperts- The idea being that vExperts can use the various channels to communicate and collaborate across common topics.

It’s only using the basic package for now until I see how much usage we get. With this in mind it’s set to be invite only so if you want access please send a DM or tweet to “vExpert_slack” and I will add you to the team. I’ve created channels for things like vRA, VRO, VCIX and VCDX and can add additional channels if requested. It will probably take a little time to reach critical mass and as more people join the more useful it will become.

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